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What is Education Buying?
Education Buying is a UK wide procurement service which focusses on delivering procurement in schools, MATs, colleges and universities. We have established expertise in helping the education sector to rethink procurement in education and achieve best value and efficiency in their purchasing. We ensure you have access to competitive pricing whilst purchasing compliantly, releasing resource (time and money) that can be focussed on your core aim of offering an excellent education to students throughout the UK.
Who is providing this service?
Education Buying is provided by 2buy2. Established in 2009, 2buy2 have a wide experience of providing a full procurement service to schools, charities, churches and businesses throughout the UK. Since early 2018 2buy2 have been managing the Schools’ Buying Hub North West pilot on behalf of the Department for Education to 900 schools within the North West of England. Over the last year we have engaged with over 500 managers in the education sector and understand the challenges and opportunities faced in managing an educational institution.
Is there a charge for the Education Buying service?

We have a variety of service levels. With EB Starter you will not be charged – you simply register to gain access to approved and compliant frameworks. More advanced services such as EB Manage, EB Strategic and bespoke procurement consultancy are paid for but will be available online soon. The prices for these paid services will also be available. In the run-up to providing these services we will be sending updates on exactly when these will be available, to receive these updates register here.

What spending areas does Education Buying cover?
We provide support for all major areas such as catering, cleaning, energy, photocopiers, education supplies, arts and crafts and stationary for education establishments, including schools, MATs, colleges and universities. View the comprehensive areas that we cover on our education frameworks page.
If I register my interest now, will this incur any costs in the future?
You can access a wealth of free help on education contracts and education purchasing guides by registering for our EB Starter service which is complimentary. The pricing for our paid for advanced services will be available by early September. At this point you will retain access to the free service and have the option to upgrade to the more advanced services. You will not be charged unless you decide to upgrade.
Can I combine my spend with others, e.g. as part of a wider MAT, cluster or buying group?
Yes! This is called aggregated procurement and we work with all educational institutions to facilitate this. Whether that be academies within a MAT for trust-wide procurement support, a cluster of schools or group of colleges or universities. Greater economies of scale can be achieved through purchasing together, you can come to us as a group and we can work with you, we will also advise of other upcoming aggregation opportunities as they become available. As an example, we have recently run school aggregations for water, energy, and office products.
I’m interested in forming a buying group with my education colleagues but need help with engaging with them – can you help?
We regularly meet with groups (across the UK) who are interested in forming collective buying groups to build their awareness on what can be achieved and how it works. To set up a no obligation awareness session to explore the benefits of forming a buying group please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
I have an urgent procurement need right now, can you help?
Yes, we can. Contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will be in touch. We are able to provide tender management support, training, access to compliant frameworks and a range of other procurement services. We will be happy to discuss your requirements with no obligation on you.

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